Expired Domains

Expired Domains

One of the most common and time and again domains used in SEO are Expired Domains. But what is an expired domain? In simple words, domain names that are no longer in use are known as expired domains. But the question to be raised here is that Why do domain names go out of date? Are they of any use? Are they important? The answer to these questions lies below. But first, let’s take a look at what a domain name is.

A domain name is basically an address where users can access the owner’s website. Domain names can be registered by any individual, group, company or even an organization. In order to have a domain name, the first step is to get your domain name registered with a registrar or buy one. But even after you have acquired a domain name the main problem with domain names is that domain names are never permanently given to the owner. Domain names are more likely rented on a renewal basis. If you do not renew your subscription by paying monthly or yearly and as much as is required to keep your domain name, your contract will be terminated. But this is not the only reason. Domain names can also be terminated because of trademark infringement or business may have shut down so the owner decided to end the domain name for his website. Domain names can also expire.

But why would people like to buy an expired domain? After all, it is now expired, so it cannot be of any use to anyone. But it is. Many people switch to buying expired domains either by expired domain websites, by biding domains in auctions or even through domain brokers as well. Many owners and users opt to buy expired domains because of this one very useful advantage, expired domains have over other types of domains. Expired domains providebacklinks whereas other domains do not. Backlinks are basically web links redirected to the web source (that is your website). Because expired domains are domains that have been already used by people before, this means that during the time the domain address was in owner’s use, those backlinks were created by the owner himself for the purpose of publicity or bringing traffic to his website or any other. Link building is a tedious task and takes a lot of work for anyone who wants to climb up the ladder quickly and want their website up and running immediately. This is why using expired domains come at a very fruitful advantage; the possibility of pulling your website into the ranking system is very high which is why people usually tend to buy expired domains.

But there are good expired domains and there are bad expired domains. Good expired domains are usually those which provide a good flow of backlinks that can help the person who has bought that specific expired domain. Bad expired domains are those that have

  • Spam Content
  • Provide no backlinks
  • Penalized by Google Analytics or other

Choosing a good expired domain is extremely important because if you choose the wrong expired domain like an expired domain which is penalized by Google not only will your website suffer, it could also potentially shut down ruining all the hard work that you put into making it. So, how do you choose an expired domain? Expired domains are chosen by analyzing metrics of different number and these metrics are available through websites that provide their users with a large array of expired domains to choose from.

4 Tools for Acquiring Expired Domains

  1. DomCop
  2. DomCop is one of the most famous websites used for a wide array of domains to choose from. DomCop supports over 72 types of domain extensions and has over 200,000 million expired domains from which users can choose from. The available metrics on DomCop include Majestic Referring Domains, Majestic Trust Flow, Moz Domain Authority with a timer that shows in how long the domain is going to end in. DomCop also provides its users with domain auctions.

  3. SpamZilla
  4. Spamzills is another website that caters to expired domains. Daily, more than 350,000 domains are added for users to choose from. Spamzilla analyses both historic data and backlink data as well. Its pricing is billed at $37 dollars monthly with automatic spam checking and analyzing from more than 70 plus databases but also provides free access with domains limited to 25 in total.

  5. SmallSeoTools.COM
  6. Smallseotools is another famous website for tracking down expired domains. Smallseotools does not only provide expired domains but also provides other SEO tools and checking tools like plagiarism tool, reverse image search, logo maker, internet speed test, backlink checker, video downloader, domain authority checker, image resizer, keyword position, image compressor and many others. Smallseotools also provides the user with a detailed description of how to track down expired domains, explaining for views who may be new to the site with little prior knowledge of expired domains. It is a little hard to navigate through the site because of many ads but it is still authentic as others are.

  7. ExpiredDomains.NET
  8. Expireddomains is one of the top websites used for acquiring expired domains. Unlike DomCop, Expireddomains currently includes more than 398,434,873 domains and 364,401,980 deleted domains with nearly 300 domain extensions. The user can create his own personalized network of websites and can also use the available expired domains as well as dropped and deleted domains too. Expireddomains also includes blog posts to help for more knowledge for its users.

    However, the BEST tool that combines the qualities of all these four domains is EXPIREDOMAINS.TODAY

Why Should you choose ExpiredDomains.Today?

Expiredomains.today(https://expiredomains.today) is a website that has millions of expired domains and new domains are added that expire on daily basis. It has some unique features (as listed below) which makes it easier and hassle-free for the user to work with.
expired domains

Vast Search Options

Expiredomains.today provides its users with a vast array of search options for easy navigation for what the users are looking for. Other than entering the keyword, the users also get to add the Min. Domain Authority, the Min. Page Authority, Max Spam Score per page including the status.

The Min. Domain Authority or DA is a very popular search engine tool which determines how well the website would rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). Similarly, the Min. Page Authority is another tool developed by an SEO website called MOZ that determines how well, a specific page would rank on the social engine result pages (SERPs). This is very important to determine the success of the user’s website.

Also, the spam score is another popular search engine tool that analyses the probability of a site being penalized or banned from Google. In order to stay safe from such scams, it is extremely important that the user checks and filters out the scam pages which could potentially cause harm to his website.

The status determines whether the address is Free or only available to Premium users.

All of these features are readily available on Expiredomains.today.


Other than Moz Domain Authority, Moz Page Authority and Spam score Expiredomains.today also includes DF and NF links. DF or in other words Dofollow links are those links that allow Google or other search enginebut in specifically the search bots to follow the links to your website. In this way, people would come on your website to view it. But other than Dofollow links there is also another link known as NF or Nofollow links. Nofollow links have a different tag that applies to them only (both tags are part of HTML mechanics) this is because search engines or search bots are designed to ignore the Nofollow links because they do not add any increase or even an ounce of impact on the Page rankings on the search engine. Nofollow links provide no beneficial advantage whatsoever in the system of rankings. But, it is importantto know how many Nofollow links a domain has so a better decision can be made when choosing an expired domain.

Flexibility in Buying

The best feature of Expiredomains.today is that when buying a domain, there are three other options available by Expiredomains.today for its user to check. This is necessary so that the person buying the domain has a better understanding of what he is about to buy and can make a better decision. The three options that Expiredomains.today provides is

  • NameCheap.com
  • NameCheap.com (https://www.namecheap.com) is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar company that holds over 10 million domains under its name. It is considered one of the best domain registrar companies around the world. NameCheap provides all sorts of domains including packages as well. Users can choose any domain they wish without stressing over the authenticity of the site.

  • Way Back (https://archive.org)
  • Way Back or The Way Back Machine is basically like a digital archive that contains all the information regarding everything that is available on the Internet including books, films etc. Way Back is like a library that containsan archive of previous data (since 1996) as well as the current one. This enables the user to view the previously archived web pages of the domains which in turn helps them make a better decision when choosing a domain.

  • Google Index
  • Google Index is basically a process in which web pages are added in the Google Search. This depends on the tag the user has used, but Google will crawl the web page anyways. If it’s a no-Index web page that means the web page will not be added into the Google Search. This tool is very important since it will help the user find the expired domains that are still indexed in Google.